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Last updated: October 12, 2017
The Chill Project is the blockchain’s first marketing platform. Our mission is to bring companies and marketers together in a way that is more efficient and beneficial for everyone. We provide the infrastructure and tools to make digital marketing shine, even for people who are not seasoned marketers themselves. 

The Chill Project’s first piece of software, Adchill, is the most advanced marketing efficiency software built on top of the Facebook Advertising platform. Launched from public beta on October 1st, 2017, this powerful marketing tool will help digital marketers take their Facebook ads to the next level, whether their goal is to increase brand awareness, retain consumers, increase event sign-ups, or boost e-commerce revenue. 

We are passionate about creating tools that work, connecting businesses and marketers, and eliminating the headaches that come with digital advertising.

Welcome to the Chill Project. 
Digital advertising spending is forecasted to jump from $83 billion in 2017 to $129.23 billion in 2021. This is an incredible amount of money, one that you would expect to be backed up by an overflow of confidence from the marketing professionals making those budget decisions. In reality, only 48% of digital marketers feel highly proficient in digital marketing, and only two out of five feel that their peers are highly proficient. For an industry that takes up 37% of overall ad spend, that's a big risk to take. 
Marketers know that digital advertising is good for something, but in a landscape that changes almost monthly, it is increasingly difficult to identify what works and what doesn’t. Marketers agree, with 61% of them stating that they feel digital marketing is a constant cycle of trial and error. The problem comes in proving how well it works, as four in ten marketers say providing ROI is their top marketing challenge. 
Since 82% of marketers learn on the job, they are constantly trying to keep up with the market. Digital advertising avenues are littered with tips, tricks, and tools. While many of these can be helpful, the constantly changing market can cause some to be outdated as soon as they reach marketers hands. The two most popular digital advertising platforms, Facebook and Google, are projected to make up for 63.1% of digital advertising investment in 2017. Both of these sites change their algorithms monthly, which causes confusion among marketers, as strategies and tools that worked just a few weeks ago are now costly and outdated. 
The Chill Project will connect expert marketers with companies on our platform, and give them the tools they need to create amazing digital advertising and most importantly, revenue. We will create tools that consistently improve and grow with the ever-changing digital marketplace. 

We’ve already launched our first piece of software, Adchill. Adchill is built on top of one of the largest marketing platforms in the world: Facebook Ads. It already has hundreds of marketers using it and processes six figures of ad spend per month. 

Adchill automatically launches new ads, can create hundreds of ads at once, analyzes which ads work and which don’t, and creates lookalike audiences in seconds. This saves companies hundreds of hours a day, supplementing their marketing team with a smart piece of software that always works and is easy to use. Adchill frees marketers from hours of repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on growing your business. This tool also makes it easy for companies who do not have marketing teams to grow their businesses easily and efficiently. 
Our next release of Adchill will include a marketplace, allowing companies to connect with marketers who know their business and can execute their digital advertising through Adchill. We will also support development on top of Adchill with the Adchill Development Program. 
Our first piece of software, Adchill, fills a gap in the digital marketing industry left by Facebook Business’s confusing and constantly changing Ads platform. For a platform that takes one in five digital ad dollars in the US, it should be intuitive and easy to use, yet less than half of marketers feel their Facebook advertising is effective. 

Ad Creation-

Adchill’s primary feature is to make the users Facebook Advertising experience easier, so, naturally it provides a frictionless way to create and schedule new advertising campaigns. The user only needs to create one campaign in Facebook for Business, and the rest can be handled by Adchill. 

Adchill allows users to create hundreds of new campaigns at once. The user simply chooses their existing campaign and duplicates it within Adchill. Users can create audiences at the same time to eliminate editing time. The user then chooses how often they want the ads to run, and voila, ads are scheduled for the week. 

Users can choose from a variety of parameters when scheduling their ads. If scheduling many ads at once, they can choose to schedule a certain amount every few hours. For example, a user who wants to schedule 70 new ad campaigns can schedule 10 ads every 24 hours starting at 7:00 am Monday morning. This allows them to get on with doing the most important parts of their day more quickly and removes the frustration of sitting at a screen creating and editing ad campaigns without sacrificing results. 

Ad Management- 

Campaign Filtering- 

Adchill helps marketers feel more confident when looking at their campaigns because it allows users to easily assess whether or not their campaigns are working. Typically, when looking at their campaigns, marketers have to individually edit each one. Adchill provides a feature that allows the user to easily search for campaigns that match their parameters and turn them off, on, or change aspects of their delivery.   

Users are able to filter campaigns in Adchill by these parameters:
Cost per Add to Cart
Cost per Purchase
Cost per Comment
Campaign Spend

Adchill allows you to easily control your bidding strategy, switching from automatic to manual quickly and easily. The user simply selects the campaign or campaigns they wish to change and quickly swap from automatic to manual. Changing the manual bidding strategy is easy as well- simply select your desired bid and budget. Adchill even allows you to change your strategy on multiple campaigns at once.  


As ads succeed, marketers commonly want to scale the ones that work. Our quick Budgets feature allows users to scale successful campaigns quickly. Users can select a scale amount, in either a percent or dollar value, and quickly apply that to all of the campaigns they have found to be successful. 

Users can even set an amount if they have a budget they do not wish to surpass per campaign. This allows users to create campaigns that suit their needs easily and quickly, test ideas without wasting money, and change bid strategies at a moment’s notice. 


Adchill also includes an automation feature, which will automatically manage campaigns based on the user’s parameters. Users can set cost and spend threshold, check periods, and the actions Adchill should take. Adchill will tell the user when the last check was executed and how long each check period is. 

Ad Targeting- 

Lookalike Audiences- 

Adchill also allows it’s users to create mass batches of lookalike audiences, allowing marketers to retarget easily and effectively. Studies have shown that consumers who are retargeted in digital channels are 70% more likely to convert.

Lookalike audiences are custom audiences within Facebook that allow you to take an existing group, for example- everyone who has purchased your product in the past 30 days, and create an audience of people who have similar habits. Consistently using these lookalike audiences allows marketers to expand their retargeting efforts and reach out to the maximum amount of interested consumers. 

Creating lookalike audiences in the current Facebook advertising space can take hours of a marketers day. Since most marketers believe that digital marketing is about trial and error, it is important to them that every avenue is explored. Adchill allows marketers to leave no stone unturned by making the lookalike creation process incredibly simple and quick. 


Adchill also allows users to quickly see breakdowns of their audiences based on age, gender, and region. Adchill will automatically sort your campaigns by which of these factors are earning the best results. This allows the user to easily identify consumer patterns and more accurately target and retarget their campaigns, earning them a better ROI. 
We’ve started with an amazing tool, Adchill, but our ultimate goal is to provide our users with an amazing arsenal of tools to make digital marketing easier and more accessible. 

Our next product will be Adchill Marketplace, a marketplace that connects expert marketers with companies that need their help. It will be integrated directly into Adchill. Companies will be able to post jobs and search for marketers that understand their business. They can then work directly with those marketers to get maximum results without paying an ad agency or navigating with their own rudimentary knowledge. 

Marketers listed in Adchill Marketplace will be vetted by the Chill Project’s training and tests to become Certified Chill Project Marketers to ensure we only have the best teams available. Marketers who have undergone our training and use our software will be more efficient than marketers hired through other avenues. They will be earning Chill Coins and be paid in cash, or a combination of both, as provided by the company. 

Our third product will be the Adchill Development Program. Though Adchill is an amazing tool that allows marketers to do their job more efficiently, it’s clear that making our tool collaborative only benefits it. Companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook allow developers to build on top of their platforms. We will build an API and prepare a clear doc to open up Adchill to developers. These developers will be able to build advertising apps on top of Adchill and deploy to our user base. There is massive power in working together, and we believe our Developer’s Program will strengthen our core product immensely. 
The Chill Project runs on it’s own token, called Chill Coin (CHILL). It will power all of the transactions on the software we release, including Adchill. There are a total of 10,000,000,000 Chill Coins. The Chill Coin can be used by marketers working within the Adchill platform to execute certain actions. Chill Coins will also be able to be used within Adchill Marketplace to hire and pay marketers. 
6 Billion Chill will be released to marketers and content creators who help grow our project. We will release different amounts each year, making sure that the people who help grow our product from the start are rewarded well. See the infographic below for more information about the distribution schedule. We will also be releasing 3 billion Chill to our team to market the project, build software, and grow the Chill Project. The remaining Chill will be released through our bounty program. 
To reward users who actively participate in growing our project, we have created a bounty program. This program allows people to contribute to the project in exchange for a set amount of Chill. Different activities are rewarded with different amounts of Chill, depending on the labor required and their value to the project. You can check out our current bounties here.
We’re dedicated to creating a collaborative community, in which everyone can contribute to our project. We have created a few dedicated Slack channels where our users can discuss the product and contribute to our bounty program. We have also made an active effort to have a presence in Bitcointalk forums, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and listen to our users there. We want our product to be a collaborative effort between the Chill Project team, our users, and our clients. Feel free to reach out to our team members on any of our community forums, and let us know how you feel about the Chill Project- good, bad, or ugly. 
"We can't wait for you to get your hands on Adchill & be a part of the Blockchain's First Ever Marketing Platform"
John Hayward-Mayhew
Founder of Marketers Fund
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